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The Focus Autism Foundation is dedicated to providing education, investigation, advocacy and science to the public that exposes the cause or causes of the autism epidemic and the rise of chronic illnesses in general with a specific focus on the role of vaccinations. We believe the following goals should be pursued with integrity, transparency and, above all, with a sense of urgency.



We want to educate consumers and legislators about chemical and biological agents that are contributing to the rise of chronic illness in children, with a focus on the role of vaccinations within the autism epidemic. Consumers are encouraged to educate themselves fully about the risks as well as benefits of vaccination and other health care decisions.


To conduct, support, and report on investigations into scientific misconduct that has resulted in evidence of the cause(s) of the autism epidemic being repressed by government, industry, and academic institutions.

To insist that all vaccine approvals made by our government are driven by safety, efficacy, and need; and, to support the rights of individuals to make vaccination decisions for themselves and their children.

To support the work of scientists who investigate and research the cause(s) of autism and the rise of chronic illness in children, and to foster a collaboration among these scientists.

Do vaccines cause every case of autism? No. Do they play a major role in autism epidemic? The government’s own research points to “yes.”

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