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Barry Segal, Founder

Barry has touched many lives in many ways in his past, present and future.

As a father, he has been a terrific provider. His children have enjoyed  access to a lifestyle and education that any parent would desire to provide.

As a business person, he was one of the more successful entrepreneurs in the United States. Bradco grew to become much more meaningful than its humble origins, effecting literally thousands of lives. He was respected by Bradco vendors, employees, contractor customers and even his most aggressive competitors.

Barry’s talents are in two primary areas. He builds loyalty because people trust him and know he’ll try to do the right thing. He invests in people, and they invest in him. Barry is very pragmatic, getting to core issues quickly, and supporting conclusions and creating change based on a passion for logic and numbers.

Barry started Bradco in 1966. Prior to that, he worked with his father at the H. Verby Company for 15 years. His dad joined him two years later and soon after they opened in Lakewood, NJ and Hartford, CT; they were on their way. In 2006, Bradco sales peaked at over $1,900,000,000 and pre-tax profits of 90 million with 150 branches. In August 2008 he sold control of the company.

Barry is a man who can’t sit still.  Soon he got involved in Africa with the Segal Family Foundation. Like he approaches everything in his life, this foundation receives his total focus to make a difference by solving problems and getting things done more efficiently and effectively. Aid to Africa is a broken system that is not working. With Barry’s focus and approach to problems, the Segal Foundation will try to make a difference by focusing on preventing causes. Unexpectedly, Barry got involved in Autism, focusing again on the cause, more than the cure.

Barry is the father of 6 children, 14 grandchildren, the last 7 being girls and 2 great grandsons. Barry said, “As an incentive I offered my baseball card collection to the next grandson.”

Barry started later in life with tennis, and that has been an important part of his activities. He describes his tennis as a declining 4.0. Soon to be a declining 3.5.

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Tracey Dupree, Executive Director

Tracey joined the Focus Autism team in 2012, with over 20 years in operations management experience, working for leading healthcare organizations and hospitals. Her passion to see improved patient care and better health outcomes aligns with the foundation’s commitment to increase public awareness of the possible contributing factors of autism and chronic illness.

Tracey contributes her administrative and clinical knowledge toward advancing the foundation’s mission by empowering individuals with information to make educated healthcare decisions for themselves and those under their care.



Shannon Mulvihill, R.N., Research Assistant

Shannon has been with Focus Autism for over a year, contributing both through research and her personal clinical experiences.  She has worked as a nurse for 22 years and currently works in the field as a supervisor in a long-term care facility.

Shannon became concerned with vaccine safety after witnessing first-hand the disturbing side-effects of vaccination in the elderly, and soon developed an interest in connecting mercury’s effects on the brain to negative neurological outcomes in the very young.  Her findings spurred a passion to find the root cause of the current autism epidemic in this country, and to educate as many people as possible on the immediate need for further research regarding safe use of vaccines.



Devon Beasley, R.N., Research Assistant

Devon is our newest edition, starting at Focus Autism in February 2014. She has many years of experience working in primary care physician offices and has brought her clinical and administrative skills to our team.

Devon is continuing her education in nursing at Kean University and her firsthand experience with patient education and vaccine administration has provided additional perspective to our cause. With her nursing background, Devon has a passion for healthy living and empowering people to make informed, empowered decisions.


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