Bob Wright of Autism Speaks Should Know Better

Autism Speaks continues to ignore the elephant in the room; vaccines contribute to autism. While their positions are not incorrect, genetics and environment do play a role in autism, passing over vaccine involvement could be considered negligent for a company that claims to be “Dedicated to funding research to the causes, prevention, treatment and cure for autism.”

Below is an e-mail to Bob Wright, a co-founder of Autism speaks, where Barry expresses his frustrations with Bob who continues to ask his daughter, Katie to not confront the vaccine issue. Katie Wright is not only an advocate against vaccines but is also the mother of a vaccine injured child. According to The New York Times 2007 article “Autism Debate Strains a Family and its Charity” by Jane Gross and Stephanie Strom, Katie, “says her parents have not given enough support to the people who believe, as she does, that the environment – specifically a synthetic mercury preservative in vaccines – is to blame.”



I have heard that you’ve asked Katie to back away from the vaccine issue.

How do you sleep at night? You have a vaccine injured grandson. Doesn’t it kill you to think your actions are causing this?

Attached are a couple of examples.

By now, I can literally show you hundreds of reports like this.

Bernie is a pompous ass who thought that thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 2004. You know better and know that some children are vulnerable to vaccines. Peter Bell quit over this issue.

We won’t stop. The next step is going after Toys “R” Us and other large donors.

Every time you look at Christian, understand this:  This is what you and Suzanne are causing over and over again.

Click here to see vaccine injury stories referenced above.


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