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Focus Autism was born out of Barry and Dolly’s desire to put an end to the needless harm of children by vaccination and other environmental factors. It all started with a plane ride where Barry sat next to a woman with a severely autistic son and they started to talk. Over the next few months, several similar stories of children healthy before vaccination and injured afterward would follow. Focus Autism is committed to uncovering the cause of the current autism epidemic and rise of chronic illness in children; ensuring our government, medical and pharmaceutical entities prioritize vaccine safety and unbiased research—over profit. Focus is not anti-vaccine, rather pro-vaccine and health decisions when safety is based on full disclosure of risk and individual choice.


A Shot of Truth is a Focus Autism campaign bringing greater public awareness to vaccine safety issues through education and scientific data. A Shot of Truth relates scientific information in an easy to understand ways so individuals can educate before they vaccinate.

Together Focus and A Shot of Truth will champion the  healthcare changes necessary to ensure children are given the chance to live healthier, more productive lives.


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